Why Should I Blog On My Business Website?

by Emily Bridges | | Search Engine Optimisation

More and more businesses are realising the benefits of having a blog linked to their website and it’s probably about time that you did too.

There are a number of reasons as to why you should blog and this blog post attempts to cover the basics.

1. To give customer information

Blog posts are a great way of giving your customer and potential customer information. This could be company news, information about the products and services you offer or to give general information about a topic relevant to your customers.

For example, when we are building a website for a client we will ask them if they want a blog on their website. Often the response is ‘Why do I need a blog?’. So, in answer to that we decided to create this blog post about blogs to fill the information gap for our clients.

2. To set you out as market leader

Every business wants to be seen as a leader in their field. Regularly publishing useful and relevant blogs will help your customer to realise that you know what you are talking about.

Through our Brightsite blog we aim to publish information that is not only useful to our clients but also shows them that we know what we are talking about. We hope that, in turn, this will create a sense of trust between us and any potential customer.

3. For SEO

Blogs, when done in the right way, can help to boost your search engine optimisation (SEO). I say ‘done in the right way’ because just simply having a blog on your website isn’t always enough.

For a start, that blog needs to be regularly updated so that you are giving the search engines something new to crawl on a frequent basis. It also needs to be relevant to the keywords you want to feature in search engines for.

For example if you had a sock shop in Brighton and you want to feature in Google for ‘Where to buy the best socks in Brighton’ then you could write a blog about a recent award you have won for your sock company. In that blog you would need to make sure that your keywords feature (so you could do this by calling your blog post ‘Where to buy the best socks in Brighton’ and in the article include these keywords again, along with any other relevant ones). This would increase the likelihood that the search engines would feature your blog more highly in its results when people type in ‘Where to buy the best socks in Brighton’.

Another way in which blogs help with SEO is through content sharing. If someone likes the blog you have written and thinks it will be useful to others then they may reference it in their own blog. This would give you an important link to your website which will help with your SEO. The more links you get (from genuine sources) the more likely it is that search engines will sit up and take notice of your website. Also, the more reputable and popular the website from which your website is linked to, the better (for example, getting a link from the BBC would be a pretty big dea).

Remember that for this to work it’s important your blog is part of your website and not on a subdomain or another domain completely (if it is then your efforts will not increasing the SEO of your website and won’t be driving traffic directly there).

4. To increase sales

Increasing sales is what we are all here for, right? Well blogging can help you to do that. When a customer lands on your blog (having found it through the great SEO you have done with it) they might read your blog and think ‘That was a good read’ and leave your website happy. But, if you include a call to action on the end of the blog (like the one on the end of this blog) they might read it and think ‘That was a good read, I’m going to get involved in that’ and then pick up the phone and give you a call.

Think of blogging as a way of increasing your leads and sales, but try not to get too ‘salesy’ about it. People came to your blog for information so that’s what you should give them – just make sure it’s information that’s relevant to them and makes them think you are writing about something they need to do.

Get blogging today

The sooner you start blogging the sooner you can start to get results. But remember, getting results from your blogging efforts can take time so don’t give up too easily.

Want to start blogging but don’t know how to integrate it into your website? Give us a call to talk through the compatible options with your website.

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