What Should I Blog About?

by Emily Bridges | | Search Engine Optimisation

So, you’ve taken the plunge and started up a blog for your business but you don’t know what to write about.

Don’t panic.

No matter what industry you are in there will be plenty of engaging and relevant things you could blog about. Here’s 20 ideas to get you started:

  1. Write about a charity event you or staff members are taking part in
  2. Introduce a new product you are stocking
  3. Write individual blog posts about some of the frequently asked questions your clients ask (eg. This blog post came about because we often get asked by clients what they should blog about)
  4. Comment on some recent industry news
  5. Include a recent case study of a client/customer with a background story
  6. Write about a new special offer
  7. Introduce a new member of staff and how they got into the industry
  8. Come up with a checklist for customers which is relevant to your business
  9. Explain the history behind the company
  10. Congratulate a member of staff for their long service and give a timeline of their history at the company
  11. Announce an award you have recently won
  12. Dispel some common myths about your industry
  13. Explain any complex concepts in your industry
  14. Give a behind the scenes glimpse of your company
  15. Share statistics about your industry (if you are feeling really adventurous then you could compile these into a graphic)
  16. Explain what things potential customers need to know about your company when deciding whether to buy from you
  17. Give advice to anyone wanting to start out in your industry
  18. Describe any legislation surrounding your industry (or any recent changes in that legislation)
  19. Sum up the last year (this is best done at the end of a calendar or financial year!)
  20. Write a ‘top 3’ (or top 10, or top 20) list for your industry/business

We hope this list helps to get you started but if you are still struggling with writing your blogs then we can help to put you in contact with a professional content writer. Call us on 01273 446644 or email info@bright-site.co.uk