How to Get a Job in Web Design

by Sara Harding | | Brightsite News

We all know the basics of preparing yourself for the world of work but sometimes it's easy to overlook some key points when putting yourself forward for your dream job. It's so important to ensure that you do everything you possibly can to improve your chances of success prior to even landing an interview.

For any wannabe web designers or developers out there here are just a few useful tips on how to market yourself for jobs in the creative industry:

Stand Out - Stand out from other candidates by making sure that your CV includes a personal statement which pinpoints your main skills and gives an insight into your personality ie: creative, innovative, dedicated, alongside what your job focus is as most potential employers want to see if there are any areas that you specialise in or would like to specialise in. This shows that you are considering your future goals and looking to develop yourself in your chosen career. Make sure this statement is concise, it just needs to be a couple of short paragraphs to summarize what it is that you can offer a company.

Forward Thinking - Don't be afraid to approach companies that haven't necessarily advertised a job role. It is always worth emailing a company directly to see if they have any openings as sometimes a direct approach can get a potential employer thinking about their business needs. Make sure you email them with a brief overview of the type of role you are looking for and why you would love to work for them.

Behind the Scenes - When you land yourself the job interview be sure to swot up! The potential employer will be looking to see how much you know about them, how they started, what their ethos is and their products/services. Turn up to your interview with some insider knowledge, most of which can usually be found on the company website as this shows you have a genuine interest in working for them.

Follow Up - Finally, make sure you follow up on your interview. Employers like to see that a candidate has a real passion to work for them and it is usually those that follow up an interview with a thank you email that end up sticking in the employer’s mind.

Work for Free - Offering your services on a trial basis or as work experience is often a good way to get started in the industry and can also help to give you an idea if the job and company are right for you!