Google to Boost Listings for Mobile Friendly Websites

by Seb Tucknott | | Brightsite News

We all know having a website that works as well on a desktop computer as a mobile phone is great for customers but from April 21 it will become essential if you want to boost your rankings in Google's mobile listings.

The search engine giant has announced that having a mobile friendly website will have a "significant impact" on where it appears in Google's mobile search results.

The announcement comes as no surprise. With more and more of us using our mobile phones to search the internet it makes sense that Google presents mobile friendly websites to its users ahead of those that aren't.

So what does this mean for my website?

If you already have a mobile optimised website then you don't need to do anything, but if you don't then you may notice that it starts to slip down Google's mobile listings from April 21. If you get any business from customers who use a mobile phone to search for you then this could start costing you.

To check if your website is mobile optimised you can use this free tool from Google.

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