5 Ways to Speed up the Web Design Process

by Sara Harding | | Web Design

Many of our clients often wonder how long it will take to build a website and are surprised to find out that the web design process is often quicker than expected.

A basic brochure website can take a matter of days for a web design company (depending on what other work they already have booked in) to design and build, whereas a more bespoke site or e-commerce site will take longer, depending on the complexity of the project.

For most of our clients the process should be fairly straightforward, but the speed of the project in reality hinges on how quickly the client can get feedback, paperwork and content back to us.

To help speed up the web design process here are 5 useful tips for you to follow:

1. Be prepared. Get your content together at the beginning of the project to avoid being caught out with having to collate the info when the site is ready is to launch. Content includes images, text, videos and contact details and it is also useful to have hosting details ready.

2. Project clarity. Make sure you have a clear project specification at the start of the project to avoid any confusion about what you expect to see on the finished site.

3. Key dates. Get some key dates in the diary with your web design team so that you can track progress and know when to expect updates. Your web design team should in turn call and email you to update you and check you are happy and confident with how things are progressing.

4. Stick to your deadlines. Ensure you sign and send back all project agreements and sign-off forms promptly so there are no delays at each stage of the process.

5. Testing & training. Take time to test your website and learn how your CMS (Content Management System) works. For websites built by BrightSite our web design team will happily sit down and show you how to use your new website. It's important you understand how it works and can make basic amendments as and when you need to. This will save time and money in the long-term as you won't need to rely on your web design company to make minor amendments.